Success story of VLE Payalben Gameti Gujrat


Success story of VLE Payalben Gameti Gujrat Meet 19-year old, Payalben Gameti from Village Budhrasan, Aravalli District, Gujarat. She couldn’t continue her education due to the poor financial conditions of her family. One day she got to know about the PMGDISHA scheme through VLE Hasmukh Kaharadi, and he registered her under the PMGDISHA scheme. She attended all classes and never missed a single day of her scheduled training. She got successfully certified too. With good knowledge about smartphones, internet browsing, and net banking, she is currently working as an operator in Fair Price Shop in her village. आइए मिलते हैं गुजरात [...]

Success story of VLE Payalben Gameti Gujrat2021-10-21T20:14:03+05:30

CSC Vle Workshop and Event


CSC Vle Workshop and Event Kerala VLE Sathyasanth K S from Perumkadavila Block, Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala has trained more than 300 citizens in his Panchayat, out of which 286 are certified. He was able to improve the teaching experience by conducting online live smart classes during the COVID-19 pandemic time. केरल केरल के तिरुवनंतपुरम जिले के पेरुमकदविला ब्लॉक के वीएलई सत्यसंत के एस ने अपनी पंचायत में 300 से अधिक नागरिकों को प्रशिक्षित किया है, जिनमें से 286 प्रमाणित हैं। वह COVID-19 महामारी के समय में ऑनलाइन लाइव स्मार्ट कक्षाएं आयोजित करके शिक्षण अनुभव को बेहतर बनाने में सक्षम थे। PMGDISHA [...]

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HON’ MINISTER SHRI PRALHAD JOSHI APPRECIATED CSCs’ EFFORTS IN THE DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT OF J&K केंद्रीय कोयला, खान और भारत के संसदीय मामलों के मंत्री माननीय श्री प्रल्हाद जोशी, ने जी.एच.एस.एस, अघर जित्तो, रियासी, जम्मू और कश्मीर में सीएससी एसपीवी स्टाल का दौरा किया। माननीय मंत्री ने राज्य के डिजिटल सशक्तिकरण में सीएससी के प्रयासों की सराहना की। Shri Pralhad Joshi, Hon’ Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs of India visited the CSC SPV stall at G.H.S.S, Aghar Jitto, Reasi, Jammu and Kashmir. Hon’ Minister appreciated CSCs’ efforts in the Digital Empowerment of state. HOW CSCs ARE EMPOWERING FARMERS: A [...]




HDFC Bank has launched ‘Festive Treats for VLEs’. During the launch program, Dr. Dinesh K. Tygai, MD-CSC SPV said, “HDFC is launching new products for the upcoming festivals. This festival season will be different from last year due to less covid cases. This is a good opportunity for our VLEs to expand their business.” एचडीएफसी बैंक ने 'वीएलई के लिए फेस्टिव ट्रीट्स' लॉन्च किया है। लॉन्च कार्यक्रम के दौरान, सीएससी एसपीवी एमडी डॉ. दिनेश त्यागी जी ने कहा, “एचडीएफसी आगामी त्योहारों के लिए नए उत्पाद लॉन्च कर रहा है। कोविड के कम मामले होने के कारण यह त्योहारी सीजन पिछले साल [...]

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Digital Literacy Changed the Lives of Villagers in Bellary, Karnataka


When a survey at Handihal Gram Panchayat on computer literacy took place, most of the villagers were unaware about its use and benefits. Suresh V from the same village took this as an opportunity to step forward for a social cause. He started a CSC and introduced PMGDISHA scheme to the villagers. He also attracted registration after letting them know that the training is totally free for the villagers. The people who were totally ignorant about the digital devices and technology have started using PAYtm, UPI and other useful services from the internet to upgrade their life. “Now the entire village [...]

Digital Literacy Changed the Lives of Villagers in Bellary, Karnataka2021-10-21T20:38:36+05:30

More Than 200 Renault Cars Retailed Through Grameen Estore


CSC Grameen eStore and Renault Company have partnered since April 2021 for delivering cars to customers with easy procedures. The business came to its peak in June 2021 with 1,450 leads for Renault Cars from all over India, of which 200 are successfully retailed through CSC platform. The top performer states were Karnataka with 26 leads, followed by Chhattisgarh (25), Uttar Pradesh (20), Madhya Pradesh (18) and Kerala (15). CSC Grameen eStore is a ground-breaking e-Commerce initiative by CSC SPV to promote e-commerce and doorstep delivery to the consumer. The service which was started with an idea to serve the community [...]

More Than 200 Renault Cars Retailed Through Grameen Estore2021-10-21T20:34:21+05:30

Basic Course in Information Technology (Bcit)


CSC Academy has tied up with Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad for digital literacy program. The Indian School of Business has gained the unique distinction of receiving accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA). BCIT course is designed for all people including VLEs. This course is meant for the purpose to fulfill the need of citizens keeping in mind the requirement of students, in this new era of digital mean, where all our work are based on digital gadgets and internet connectivity. Moreover, the agenda of both CSC Academy and ISB is to train people all over India and to build [...]

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Tele-law Providing Services to All via Panel Lawyers


Tele-law Providing Services to All via Panel Lawyers The Tele-Law project is framed and aimed to facilitate the delivery of legal advice through a Panel of lawyers stationed at the State Legal Services Authorities (SALSA) and CSC. The project initiates to connect citizens with lawyers through video conferencing facilities/phone calls by the Para-Legal Volunteers (PLV) / Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) stationed at various CSC centers all over the country. It is a platform that offers consultancy using a digital platforms to citizens who required pre-litigation advice. It is one of the easiest /convenient to get legal advice for problem resolution to [...]

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Woman Vle Empowers Widows With Livelihoods in Poruvazhy


Woman Vle Empowers Widows With Livelihoods in Poruvazhy, Kerala Woman VLE Pradeepa Ramesh is focusing on providing livelihood skills to widows and facilitating education of their children to empower them and end the "life shattering emptiness and void" faced by millions of such women. Pradeepa completed her graduation in year 2012 and worked as Computer Instructor for one year. She also passed Teachers Training Course and PGDCA. She came in to online based transaction services after the demise of her husband in 2014. She is having 2 sons, elder one doing PG and practicing for Civil service examination and younger one [...]

Woman Vle Empowers Widows With Livelihoods in Poruvazhy2021-10-21T20:45:45+05:30
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