Ministry of Law and Justice is Launching TELE-LAW 2.0

Dheeraj Tiwari

Ministry of Law and Justice is Launching TELE-LAW 2.0

Ministry of Law and Justice is Launching TELE-LAW 2.0…. In the august presence of Shri. Arjun Ram Meghwal, Hon’ble Mos (I/C) for Law and Justice & MOS for Parliamentary Affairs and Culture. Joiin us LIVE on the CSC Twitter Page, on 25th August (Friday) at 12 Noon.

Ministry of Law and Justice is Launching TELE-LAW 2.0


“Tele-Law” is a term that refers to the delivery of legal services and information through telecommunication technologies, such as the internet, phone calls, video conferencing, and other digital communication methods. It aims to provide access to legal assistance and advice to individuals who may not have easy physical access to legal professionals due to geographical, financial, or other barriers.

Tele-Law initiatives often involve setting up helplines, websites, or platforms where individuals can reach out to lawyers or legal experts for guidance on various legal matters. This approach has the potential to bridge the gap between people in remote or underserved areas and legal professionals. It can provide information about legal rights, procedures, and available resources, as well as offer basic legal advice.

Tele-Law can be particularly beneficial in countries or regions where there is a shortage of legal professionals or where people face difficulties in physically reaching legal service providers. It can also play a role in increasing legal awareness and promoting access to justice for marginalized or vulnerable populations.

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