Great News for all SBI CSP

Dheeraj Tiwari

Great News for all SBI CSP

Great News for all SBI CSP!! AUGUST KRANTI ABHIYAN – A golden opportunity to get a good incentive by opening more & more accounts. Target- 5 PMJDY Account Enrolment per CSP, per day till 14th of August.

Great News for all SBI CSP


SBI CSP stands for State Bank of India Customer Service Point. It is a concept introduced by the State Bank of India (SBI) to extend its banking services to underserved and remote areas where setting up a traditional bank branch may not be feasible. CSPs are essentially third-party agents or outlets that act as a touchpoint for various banking and financial services offered by SBI.

These CSPs, also known as “Bank Mitras” or “Banking Correspondents,” help in providing basic banking services to individuals in rural and semi-urban areas who may not have easy access to traditional bank branches. Some of the services that a CSP can provide include:

  1. Account Opening: CSPs can help individuals open new bank accounts, including savings accounts and fixed deposit accounts.
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals: Customers can deposit money into their accounts and make withdrawals through CSPs.
  3. Fund Transfers: CSPs enable fund transfers within the same bank or to other banks using electronic payment systems.
  4. Government Schemes: CSPs can assist in facilitating various government schemes, such as direct benefit transfers (DBT) and pension payments.
  5. Aadhaar Enrolment and Linking: CSPs can help customers enroll for Aadhaar (a unique identification number issued by the Indian government) and link it to their bank accounts.
  6. Bill Payments: Some CSPs may offer utility bill payment services.
  7. Loan Applications: Customers can inquire about and apply for loans through CSPs.
  8. Financial Advisory: CSPs can provide basic financial advisory services to customers.

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